Fall classes set to begin

Fall is just around the corner, and with it comes a new suite of classes offered by Alaska Sea Grant.

The Alaska Seafood School offers trainings and classes for fishermen, seafood processing employees and all Alaskans who like to smoke fish and can food. They’re listed on our website and below. Most are offered by video conference or on-location in Kodiak, Anchorage and other communities.

photo of smoked salmon

For the first time, we’ve pulled them all together and branded these educational opportunities as Alaska Seafood School. We hope you like our new logo!

Besides Alaska Seafood School classes, we are also offering “green infrastructure” trainings in Homer and Anchorage next month. Green infrastructure incorporates the natural environment and constructed systems in ways that mimic natural processes in an integrated network that benefits nature and people. The goal is to help coastal communities be more resilient to natural hazards. The audiences for the one-day workshops include local and tribal officials, land use planners, public works staff, hazard mitigation planners, civic associations, and environmental groups.

Here’s a snapshot of the trainings, classes and workshop we’ve got going on over the next few months:

Introducing Green Infrastructure for Coastal Resilience
Homer, September 11, 9am–4pm

Introducing Green Infrastructure for Coastal Resilience
Anchorage, September 13, 9am–4pm

Basic Seafood HACCP
Anchorage, September 27–September 28

Smoked Seafood School
Kodiak, October 11–12

Seafood Processing Quality Control Training
Kodiak, November 12–16

Better Process Control School
Anchorage, February 6–8, 2019