Funded Graduate Students

These students are working on Alaska Sea Grant-funded research projects.

photo by overbook
woman with glasses holding up a microscope slide

Amanda Blackburn, MS Oceanography
Application of Seafloor Geology to Benthic Habitat Research

Ellen Chenoweth, PhD Fisheries (graduated)
Recovering Humpback Whales and the Future of Alaska’s Hatcheries, Fisheries and Coastal Communities

Jesse Coleman, PhD Fisheries
Graying of the Fleet in Alaska’s Fisheries: Defining the Problem and Assessing Alternatives

Douglas Duncan, MS Fisheries
Navigating the Predator Gauntlet: Impacts of Nearshore Marine Fishes on Hatchery and Wild Juvenile Salmon in Southeast Alaska

Thomas Farrugia, PhD Fisheries (graduated)
Economic Viability of a Directed Skate Fishery in the Gulf of Alaska

Jesse Gordon, MS Fisheries
Integrating Local Ecological Knowledge and Survey Data to Improve Assessment and Management of Rockfishes in Alaska

Sonia Ibarra, PhD Fisheries
Sustainability of Coastal Communities and Sea Otters: Harvest and Future Management of Sea Otters

Jillian Jablonski, MS Interdisciplinary
Incorporating Environmental Change in Planning for Healthy Coastal Ecosystems and Economies

Jamie Musbach, MS Fisheries
Metabolic and Growth Physiology of Early Life History Stages of the Northern Spot Shrimp, Pandalus platyceros

Ashley Rossin, PhD Marine Biology
Potential for Resilience - Examining the Effects of Ocean Acidification on Native Alaskan Bivalves

Wendel Raymond, PhD Fisheries
Sustainability of Coastal Communities and Sea Otters: Harvest and Future Management of Sea Otters

Marta Ree, MS Fisheries
Exploring Linkages Between Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems to Predict Sockeye Salmon Responses to Climate Change and to Inform Enhancement Options on Kodiak Island, Alaska

Alicia Schuler, MS Fisheries
Assessing the Costs and Benefits of Whale Watching in Juneau, Alaska

Chris Sergeant, PhD Fisheries
Assessing the Resilience of Southeast Alaskan Salmon to a Shifting Freshwater Environment

Ann Thomson, MS Fisheries
Applied Research for a New Seaweed Aquaculture Industry in Alaska

Brian Ulaski, MS Oceanography
Kelp Reproduction and Harvest Rebound in Kachemak Bay, Alaska

Jordan Watson, PhD Fisheries (graduated)
Capturing Spatial Behaviors of Observed and Unobserved Fishing Over Time Using Vessel Monitoring System Data

Benjamin Williams, PhD Fisheries (graduated)
Parallel and Divergent Fishery Management Structures in State and Federal Waters