Funded Graduate Students

These students are working on Alaska Sea Grant-funded research projects.

researchers holding a rockfish
Photo courtesy of Matt Callahan.
woman in hat holding electronic device

Reyce Bogardus PhD geoscience
Increasing the capacity of Alaskan coastal communities to adapt and respond to storm-driven coastal hazards

Kristopher Carroll MS interdisciplinary geospatial data science
Climate-driven Arctic coastline modeling: improving erosion forecasts for communities

James Currie MS marine biology
Geographic variation of nearshore carbonate chemistry in the Gulf of Alaska

Kristopher Ford MS civil engineering
Arctic risk management network: linking regional practitioners and researchers to improve mitigation through participatory action research by community monitors about erosion, surges, and nearshore sea ice loss as mutual priorities

Amy Hendricks PhD atmospheric sciences 
Supporting coastal community resilience in Alaska: an evaluation of the sea ice for walrus outlook

Jesse Gordon MS fisheries
Integrating local ecological knowledge and survey data to improve assessment and management of rockfishes in Alaska

Erika King MS fisheries
Reassessing hatchery mating policy in Alaska: is non-selective mating unnatural?

Jamie Musbach MS fisheries
Metabolic and growth physiology of early life history stages of the northern spot shrimp, Pandalus platyceros

Drew Porter MS marine biology
Copper toxicity to Bristol Bay sockeye salmon larvae under field-relevant water quality conditions

Chris Sergeant PhD fisheries
Assessing the resilience of Southeast Alaskan salmon to a shifting freshwater environment

Brian Ulaski PhD marine biology
The importance of seaweed wrack as habitat and resource