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Alaska Sea Grant Bookstore

We work with scientists, educators, resource users, and Marine Advisory Program agents to provide award-winning videos, books, and other publications about the marine environment.


Alaska Emergency and Disaster Homeowner's Handbook cover

Alaska Emergency and Disaster Homeowner's Handbook

This handbook helps you to prepare and maintain your home and property for a range of natural disasters and extreme weather conditions, to prepare for an evacuation, and to recover after returning home. Download free, hard copy free + $4 shipping. Order or download this handbook

cover image of Paralytic Shellfish Toxin bulletin

Paralytic Shellfish Toxins in Butter Clam Tissues

A summary of research into the efficacy of popular butter clam cleaning techniques in the fight against paralytic shellfish poisoning, outlining the processes and the high levels of toxins—and risk—that persisted. Download free. Download this bulletin

Tips for Managing Risk and Uncertainty in Your Fishing Business cover

Tips for Managing Risk and Uncertainty in Your Fishing Business

Every business deals with risk, which takes many forms and is hard to mitigate due to uncertainty. The fishing industry is no exception in being vulnerable. The novel Coronavirus, the virus that causes COVID-19, has direct and indirect effects that involve a high degree of uncertainty. This bulletin has tips and resources to help you manage some of that uncertainty and help your fishing business be more resilient. Download free. Download this bulletin

Newly revised and updated

Fishermen’s Direct Marketing Manual

Fishermen’s Direct Marketing Manual, 5th edition

A go-to resource for fishermen who want to directly sell their catch to buyers. Offers strategies for distributing seafood, locating customers, packaging and shipping, and basic business planning. Downloads free, hard copy $5.00. Order or download this book

Best sellers


Guide to Marine Mammals of Alaska

The only book that exclusively covers all 29 marine mammal species of Alaska, including illustrations, descriptions, and range maps. $25.00. Order this book

seaweeds of alaska

Field Guide to Seaweeds of Alaska

More than 100 common seaweeds, seagrasses, and marine lichens of Alaska. Filled with color photos and clearly written descriptions, and printed on water-resistant paper, it is a must-have for anyone interested in Alaska's coastal ecosystems. $30.00. Order this book


Guide to Marine Mammals and Turtles of the US Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico

Includes all U.S. Atlantic species of whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals, manatees, and sea turtles. $25.00. Order this book

marine invertebrates of alaska

Field Guide to Common Marine Fishes and Invertebrates of Alaska

Waterproof, with color photographs and descriptions of more than 400 marine species. Valuable for anyone who wants to know what they’ve caught or what an animal looks like. $35.00. Order this book

Common Edible Seaweeds in the Gulf of Alaska

Common Edible Seaweeds in the Gulf of Alaska

Learn how to locate, identify, and prepare several species of seaweeds and one beach plant as tasty snacks and for the dinner table. Download $9.00, hard copy $10.00. Order this book