For Funded Researchers


Project Reporting Requirements

The National Sea Grant College Program and NOAA require us to have accurate and current information for all projects supported through the Alaska Sea Grant College Program. We also maintain a public research project database where excerpts from your project report may be published.

The National Sea Grant Office will not allow us to fund any new project by an investigator who has not submitted a progress or completion report for currently funded projects.

Reporting types

  • Progress reports for February 1 – January 31 must be submitted by March 15 of each year. We will provide a secure project-updating link to each principal investigator (PI) several weeks before the report is due.
  • Final reports: All PIs must submit a final report describing that project's progress toward achieving stated objectives and identifying notable accomplishments, outcomes, products, and impacts over the entire period of the grant.
  • Post-completion reports: We realize that impacts and publications resulting from projects often appear after a completion report has been submitted. Please update your project whenever there are new impacts, publications, or when the student supported by the project graduates, has a new address, or has a new place of employment.

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Publishing Your Work

All researchers receiving federal funds from the NOAA Office of Sea Grant must publish research results and distribute them to as wide an audience as possible. Results also must be reported to the federal government, which maintains a library of Sea Grant-funded publications at the University of Rhode Island.

Alaska Sea Grant also needs copies of all journal reprints, book chapters, proceedings contributions, and other reports.

Why it helps everyone

Ensuring that all publications resulting from Alaska Sea Grant-funded research are properly distributed benefits our program—and thus our ability to fund future research projects—when the National Sea Grant Office reviews our biennial implementation plan, and when we undergo program reviews.

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