Five new Alaska Sea Grant research projects get underway

salmon underwater

Work has begun on five research projects competitively selected for Alaska Sea Grant funding over the next two years. More than $500,000 will support research involving ocean environmental changes, Pacific salmon in the Arctic, fish responses to environmental change, seaweed cultivation, and sea otter-oyster farm interactions. The research will advance Alaska Sea Grant’s priority focus…

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State Fellow spotlight: Jamie Musbach

woman in hat in a lab holding electronic device

Jesse Gordon contributed to this story The 2021–2022 cohort of Alaska Sea Grant State Fellows are wrapping up their fellowships this summer. This month we introduce you to Jamie Musbach, who has been working with NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service Protected Resources Division in Juneau. Jamie earned a bachelor’s degree in biology with a minor…

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Alaska Sea Grant at ComFish

fishing boats in a foggy harbor

Every year, Alaska Sea Grant participates in ComFish, Alaska’s largest and longest running commercial fisheries trade show. This year, fisheries specialist Gabe Dunham, marine advisory agent Sunny Rice and Alaska Sea Grant State Fellow Tav Ammu represented Alaska Sea Grant at the Kodiak event. Dunham and Rice shared preliminary findings of an assessment of training…

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Seaweed processing and handling workshop provides workforce training

man sorting sugar kelp

Seaweed farming is a major industry worldwide, and the United States imports more than 95%—19 million tons—of its edible seaweed. Alaska has an ideal environment for producing home-grown seaweed to meet a greater share of the domestic market and as a potential export to meet international demand. Interest in seaweed farming is growing in Alaska,…

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Supervisor training for seafood processors

group processing fish

Alaska Sea Grant and the Applied Business program at the UAF Community and Technical College are collaborating to offer leadership and supervisory skills training for workers in the seafood processing industry. The first workshops were hosted at the Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center in April. Nineteen participants attended the initial trainings, which covered the…

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Conference shares science in Western Alaska

Western Alaska Interdisciplinary Science Conference and Forum

The annual Western Alaska Interdisciplinary Science Conference (WAISC) was held last month, hosted by Alaska Sea Grant and the UAF Bristol Bay Campus. The 14th installment drew online participation from around the region and state, with 43 presentations across five sessions: Education in Rural Communities; Sustainable Energy; Climate, Environment and Influences on Society; Natural Sciences…

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Alaska aquaculture permitting support bolsters new aquatic farm applications

Oyster Farm in Alaska

Alaska’s burgeoning mariculture industry, which includes shellfish and seaweed farming, has substantial economic potential for coastal communities. The path to establish an aquatic farm is challenging, as prospective farmers are required to file multiple permits with four or more state and federal agencies. This confusing and time-consuming multi-agency permitting process was identified by the state’s…

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Alaska Sea Grant accepting applications for associate director

Alaska Sea Grant: join our team

Alaska Sea Grant is now accepting applications for an associate director to lead its successful research and fellowship programs and join the program’s management team. The associate director will help represent Alaska Sea Grant at local, state and national levels; develop new program ideas, strategies and funding; and ensure program integrity and compliance. This position,…

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