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Fishing and other ocean-related activities are vital to coastal Alaska's economic and cultural wellbeing.

As Alaska continues to develops its aquaculture, tourism, commercial and charter fishing, seafood processing and other marine-based industries, new opportunities for revenue generation arise. Business marketing and economic research are critical as Alaska develops its marine workforce. Educational needs include financial analysis, marketing, business plan development, retirement planning, and navigating the multiple layers of local, state and federal permitting.

Alaska Sea Grant assists the state’s seafood, fishing, and coastal tourism workforce through workshops, classes, webinars, publications, digital products and one-on-one consultations., direct marketing, and more.

Seafood marketing specialist Quentin Fong conducts one-on-one business and marketing consultations with Alaska based seafood and food companies, as well as other marine businesses. He also teaches classes and workshops on direct marketing of seafood, starting and operating a food business, and he heads the Alaska Seafood Processing Leadership Institute.

Seafood technology specialist Chris Sannito teaches seafood processing classes, the hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) certification, works with seafood processors on developing new products, and assists people who want to jump-start their careers in seafood processing.

Throughout the Marine Advisory Program agent network, our agents assist fishermen, processors, and aquaculture operators with diverse resources including web-based business management courses and tools, over 200 hundred online publications, in-person consultations and workshops and leadership conferences statewide.

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Quentin Fong

Seafood Marketing Specialist, Kodiak

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Chris Sannito

Seafood Technology Specialist, Kodiak

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