Community Science

Three out of four Alaskans live either on the state's coastline or along rivers

Alaskans understand the dynamic nature of our coasts and river watersheds and depend on the long-term health of these resources for food, recreation and economic value. Climate change has hit Alaska hard, and the accelerated pace of change has heightened interest in local observations.

Who participates in community-based monitoring (CBM)?

In Alaska, the communities engaged in CBM are particularly diverse, and include

  • Subsistence hunters
  • K-12 teachers and students
  • Villages, towns, and cities
  • People who live in the same geographic area
  • People with common interests like birding, commercial fishing, clean water, or the status of fish and wildlife populations or species

Visit the Alaska Community-Based Monitoring website for more CBM related information for observers, program coordinators, and funders.

The Atlas of Community-Based Monitoring is an interactive, geographic visualization of CBM efforts around the Arctic.

Download the CBM handbook (PDF)