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We are charged by Congress to conduct scientific research that enhances the wise use and conservation of our coastal and marine resources.

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Our outreach and technical assistance programs help Alaskans wisely use, conserve, and enjoy Alaska's marine and coastal resources.


Resources and professional development for K–12 educators. Public education and training in coastal communities. College student awards and fellowships.

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Sea Grant fellow hired by fishery council

May 25, 2018

One of the reasons Sara Cleaver likes working for the North Pacific Fishery Management Council is that her workmates are as enthusiastic about fish as she is. “It is such a relief to have coworkers who don’t find your obsession with fish to be weird—in fact, it is basically a requirement of the job.” Cleaver said. She has been hired full time by the Council, cutting short her Alaska Sea Grant State Fellowship there. Her fellowship would have run until October, but instead she was recruited into a two-year position that started May 21.

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Is big always better? Maybe not

May 23, 2018

Over the past 20 years, the South Olga Lakes on Kodiak Island has produced nearly half a million sockeye salmon per year on average. This fishery is historically one of the region’s most productive sockeye systems. But recently, its salmon wealth has plummeted, prompting calls for something to be done. Managers are considering fertilizing the…

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Journey to the Middle of the Bering Sea—Adventures in St Paul

May 22, 2018

Saint Paul Island is a place very few Americans, even Alaskans, will ever visit in their lifetimes. It is the breeding grounds for more than 500,000 northern fur seals and millions of seabirds, and is surrounded by one of the world’s richest fishing grounds. The island has the largest Aleut community in the United States.…

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Fellowships announced by Alaska Sea Grant

May 16, 2018

CONTACT: Paula Dobbyn, 907-274-9698, Six graduate students selected by Alaska Sea Grant will spend a year working with state and federal agencies to support healthy coastal communities and the marine environment. Alaska Sea Grant chose the students to participate in its State Fellowship program. The fellowships strengthen Alaska’s workforce by cultivating future professionals working in marine science and policy, fisheries,…

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