Meet the team

Ginny Eckert

Director, Juneau

(907) 796-5450

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Kate Barber

Science Writer and Public Information Officer, Anchorage

(907) 274-9691 ext. 208

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Molly Cain

Associate Director for Research, Fairbanks

(907) 474-6383

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Brooke Carney

Deputy Director, Anchorage

(907) 274-9691

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Ashley Dunker

Program and Event Coordinator, Kodiak

(907) 486-1500

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Trinda Huffman

Administrative Assistant, Anchorage

(907) 274-9691

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Arron Jones

Mariculture Technician, Kodiak

(907) 486-1500

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Dawn Montano

Publications Specialist and
Bookstore Manager, Fairbanks

(907) 474-6707

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Julie Parshall

Program Administrator, Fairbanks

(907) 474-7014

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Dave Partee

Technology and Communications, Fairbanks

(907) 474-2432

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Marine Advisory Program

Gabe Dunham

MAP Leader, Fisheries Specialist, Juneau

(907) 474-6982

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Tav Ammu

Marine Advisory Program Agent, Dillingham

(907) 631-8361

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Quentin Fong

Seafood Marketing Specialist, Kodiak

(907) 486-1516

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Melissa Good

Mariculture Specialist, Kodiak
Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center coordinator

(907) 486-1505

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Davin Holen

Coastal Community Resilience Specialist, Anchorage

(907) 274-9697

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Leigh Lubin

Marine Education Specialist, Valdez

(907) 831-0939

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Julie Matweyou

Marine Advisory Program Agent, Kodiak

(907) 486-1514

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Sunny Rice

Marine Advisory Program Agent, Petersburg

(907) 772-3381

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Chris Sannito

Seafood Technology Specialist, Kodiak

(907) 539-2012

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Gay Sheffield

Marine Advisory Program Agent, Nome

(907) 443-2397

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Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship

  • Lindsey Stadler, 2023

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Alaska Sea Grant State Fellowship

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Affiliate Faculty

  • Jerry Dzugan, Alaska Marine Safety Association, Sitka, AK
  • Alex Oliveira, BluWrap, San Francisco, CA
  • Susan Sugai, Fairbanks
  • Patricia Tester, Beaufort, NC
  • Bree Witteveen, Portland, OR