Research that makes an impact

Community engagement leads to more equitable and applicable research. Alaska Sea Grant is committed to projects that both engage and inform relevant communities and user groups. This list is designed to help you consider engagement activities in your research.

Collaborative research and meaningful engagement

  • The project includes meaningful and equitable collaboration with communities, industry, agencies, or other interested parties.
  • The project team has identified and engaged with parties who are affected by the problem being addressed, as well as those affected by the research activities and outcomes.
  • The project draws on collaborative input from interested parties, and members of local communities are included in the development of potential research questions, research plans, data collection, etc.
  • The project encourages and incorporates knowledge from indigenous and other local residents, and uses best practices.

Resources on best practices for building partnerships and generating collaborative and equitable knowledge:


Outreach activities target relevant stakeholders or communities

  • Key outreach outcomes are clearly articulated. Who and approximately how many people will be engaged in what types of ways? What will they learn about the project and its results? How do you expect them to apply the results?
  • Methods of dissemination of information are identified, appropriate, and likely to be effective in the community or communities.
  • Methods for evaluating outreach success are specified.
  • The project team has outreach expertise or an education partner.
  • If Alaska Native or other cultural groups are targeted, the proposal demonstrates cultural respect and partnerships with existing organizations.
  • Appropriate consultation with educators has occurred to ensure that what is proposed is feasible and that lesson plans or other educational resources developed for project outreach will be used, if outreach to K-12 teachers or students is proposed.

Resources for communicating with public audiences:


Also consider ...

  • Costs are specified and realistic.
  • Outreach plan includes a reasonable timeline of activities.
  • Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program agents or other staff have been consulted.
  • Partnerships will not create conflicts of interest in terms of favoring viewpoints of particular interested parties.
  • The proposed outreach will not duplicate work already being done by others.

Alaska Sea Grant can help

Alaska Sea Grant has resources to help you with:

  • Development and production of publications, videos, websites, and other outreach or education products
  • Coordination of meetings and workshops
  • Release of information to news media

For outreach to K–12 teachers or students, contact Alaska Sea Grant about effective strategies and the development and dissemination of educational resources.