Step 1: Explore Your Options

Purse Seiners Fishing

From Kotzebue in the north to Dixon Entrance in the south, Alaska waters are home to a wide variety of state and federally managed fisheries.

If you are brand new to commercial fishing, you might not be aware of all the fisheries in your immediate vicinity, and few know about all of them around the state.

Explore Alaska's fisheries

The Fisheries Explorer page on this website contains information about more than 180 state and federal fisheries in Alaska. You can narrow down your interests by fishery, region, and other variables to help you figure out what your options are.

CLICK TO ENLARGE  The fishery regions in and around Alaska illustrated here are for general reference only, and are not meant to represent official statistical or management areas. Single fisheries taking place in more than one region (e.g. IFQ halibut longline area 3A) are repeated in each area where they occur.