FishBiz Podcasts

Podcast: Business Structures

In this podcast, Maritime attorney Mark Manning, Anchorage, AK, joins former Alaska Sea Grant business specialist Glenn Haight to review business structures including proprietorships, limited liability partnerships, and corporations, as well as an extensive discussion of liability within maritime law. (44 minutes)

Podcast: Insurance and Crew Safety

In this podcast, Glenn Haight, former Alaska Sea Grant business specialist, discusses insurance terms, the Alaska Fishermen’s Fund, keeping insurance costs down, and ways to cover your crew. (29 minutes)

Podcast: Investing for Retirement

In this podcast, Alaska Sea Grant business specialist Glenn Haight and financial planner Randy Hurtte from Juneau, AK, cover methods of investing including stocks, bonds, as well as mutual and retirement funds. (45 minutes)

Podcast: Lowering Vessel Fuel Costs

In this podcast, Glenn Haight is joined by Greg Fisk, Fisk Consulting, Juneau, AK, for a discussion of lowering vessel fuel costs, from operations to technology advances. (1 hour 26 minutes)

Podcast: Passing On Your Fishing Business

In this podcast, Glenn Haight reviews considerations in planning fishing business transfers and retirement with Sunny Rice, Alaska Sea Grant, Petersburg, AK; Randy Hurtte, Stellar Financial Services, Juneau, AK; and Dave Baker, Iowa State University Extension Beginning Farmer Program, Urbandale, IA. (1 hour 47 minutes)

Podcast: Risk Management for the Fishing Business Owner

In this podcast, former Alaska Sea Grant business specialist Glenn Haight discusses five areas of risks to anticipate in a fishing business, and strategies to consider (1 hour 26 minutes)

Podcast: The “5 C’s” of Lending

In this podcast, Lea Klingert, president of Commercial Fishing and Agriculture Bank, Anchorage, AK, outlines the “5 Cs” of lending—factors a banker takes into account when deciding whether to lend money to a borrower. (11 minutes)