Fisheries Explorer Map

Learn more about what, where, and when you can harvest in Alaska waters

  1. Choose your variables of interest using the drop-down menus above the map. The map will show symbols for all fisheries that match your choices. Fishery symbols do not specify exact fishery locations.
  2. Click any fishery symbol on the map for details.

Symbol definitions

Crab:  Dungeness, King, Tanner, and other crab
Finfish: Herring, salmon, other freshwater finfish
Ground Fish: Halibut, Pacific cod, pollock, rockfish, sablefish
Other: Clams, geoducks, octopuses, scallops, sea urchins, snails, squid

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Access code definitions

  • CS - Buy access through a Catch Share program
  • IFQ - Buy access through federal Individual Fishing Quota system
  • LE - Buy a Limited Entry state permit
  • Lim - Fisheries with other Limits to entry
  • Open - Open access, plus registration and fees

Permit costs

An online search for "Alaska fishing permits" or "Alaska quota share" should yield a list of brokers who post current permit costs.