Alaska Fisheries Explorer

Learn more about what, where, and when you can harvest

CLICK TO ENLARGE  The fishery regions in and around Alaska illustrated here are for general reference only, and are not meant to represent official statistical or management areas. Single fisheries taking place in more than one region (e.g. IFQ halibut longline area 3A) are repeated in each area where they occur.

Access code definitions

  • CS - required to purchase access to the fishery through another "catch share" program
  • IFQ - required to purchase access to the fishery through the federal "individual fishing quota" system
  • LE - required to purchase a state permit (called a "limited entry permit") to participate in the fishery
  • Lim - fisheries (generally federal fisheries) that have entry limited in some other form
  • Open - no state permit is required to participate in the fishery, but registration and associated fees are often required

Permit costs

Costs of permits or shares vary widely among fisheries. An online search for "Alaska fishing permits" or "Alaska quota share" should yield a list of brokers who post going rates.

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This table contains information about more than 180 state and federal fisheries in Alaska. The list is not exhaustive, but does contain a large percentage of the total state fisheries and the federal IFQ fisheries for halibut and sablefish. Please contact Sunny Rice, Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Agent, regarding errors or omissions.