About FishBiz

troller fishing boat

The FishBiz website is the result of decades of working with fishermen and generating tools to help solve their unique business challenges.

Here, we offer information and resources for managing all phases of the business side of an Alaska commercial fishing operation—including entering, managing, growing and leaving a fishing business.

Acknowledgments and support

Thank you to the many Alaskans who generously shared their time and expertise in developing the FishBiz website, including Lea Klingert at the Alaska Commercial Fishing and Agriculture Bank; Alaska Sea Grant colleagues Deborah Mercy, Carol Kaynor, and Dave Partee; website reviewers and many others.

We especially acknowledge the work of Alaska Sea Grant faculty and affiliates Torie Baker, Craig Wiese, Terry Johnson, Glenn Haight and Greg Fisk.

This website was originally developed with funding from CoBank, a national rural cooperative lending institution, and revised with support from Northwest Farm Credit Services.

Statements and photographs

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