Start Your Business

man in skiff with net

Step 1: Explore your options

Alaska waters are home to a wide variety of state and federally managed fisheries. Some of these fisheries could represent opportunities for your business. Take a look around using our updated map.

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Step 2: Determine your fishery's value

Before spending your money on a new permit, or upgrading your boat, get some background information on the current and historical value of the fishery you'll be participating in.

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Step 3: Will it "pencil out?"

Once you've done your background research, "pencil out" your predicted operating and start up costs against different income projections with a spreadsheet tool designed specifically for Alaska commercial fishermen.

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Step 4: Financing

Once you have made realistic estimates of potential earnings and fixed and variable costs of your fishing business, you are ready to look for financing.

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Step 5: Planning for success

Business plans: most lenders require them and all good fishing businesses should have one. It can help you take a big-picture look at your operation and make sure you are moving towards your goals. Check out business planning software specifically designed for commercial fishing operations.

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Step 6: Annual money matters

Your long-term success depends on accurately tracking and managing your profits and losses each season. Think of it as part of your annual maintenance.

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