Paula Cullenberg

Alaska Sea Grant Director, Anchorage

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Paula retired from the University of Alaska in 2018. She lives in Homer.

Paula Cullenberg


Paula Cullenberg was the director of Alaska Sea Grant, retiring in spring 2018. She had been the program leader of MAP since 2004, and has also been the MAP coastal community development specialist. She was a professor in the School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences.  Paula’s focus is on the sustainability of Alaska’s fishing communities.


Paula brought to Alaska Sea Grant 30 years of experience in Alaska working with commercial fisheries, program management, and rural economic development. Currently she is the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Alaska Marine Safety Education Association and a member of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council’s Rural Outreach Committee. She has been a commercial salmon fisherman in Bristol Bay for over 20 years, and has participated in herring and halibut fisheries around the state. Fifteen years ago, Paula was the MAP extension agent in Bristol Bay, where her first child was born. She is author of Gillnet Hanging and coauthor of Sea Grant's Biological Field Techniques for Chionoecetes Crabs. Formerly director of UAA's North Pacific Fisheries Observer Training Center, she was happy to return to lead the Marine Advisory Program in 2004.


  • B.A. Biology, Brown University
  • M.S. Fisheries, University of Washington

Current projects

  • University of Alaska’s Fisheries, Seafood and Maritime Initiative
  • Chair of the Alaska Marine Science and Fisheries Career Coalition
  • Alaska Seafood Processing Leadership Institute
  • The Alaska Fisheries Business Assistance Program
  • Fishing People of the North, Lowell Wakefield Symposium, September 2011

What I Like to Do

  • Go outside! Hike, run, ski, swim, walk and enjoy the wonderful environment that is Alaska.
  • Sing, dance and make music with my friends.
  • Work with all of the wonderful people at Alaska Sea Grant.

Selected Publications

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