The Alaska Mariculture Research and Training Center provides new resources for the industry

graphic of a computer monitor with the Alaska Mariculture Research and Training Center website on screen

Alaska seaweed and shellfish farmers, Tribal groups, researchers, and professionals in mariculture-related industries now have access to information about training opportunities and research activities on the new Alaska Mariculture Research and Training Center website. The center’s website includes up-to-date information about online and in-person training for farmers and processors, research funding opportunities and ongoing research projects, Alaska mariculture industry news, and more.

The Alaska Mariculture Research and Training Center (AMRTC) was recently formed to improve and grow the state’s mariculture industry by building partnerships and bringing together resources for training, research, and information-sharing by farmers, biologists, engineers, economists, marketers, and food scientists. The center is a partner organization to the nonprofit Alaska Mariculture Alliance, and is working closely with AMA to facilitate partnerships with industry. 

The Alaska Mariculture and Research Training Center will communicate and share information from public and private mariculture research, training, and development organizations, state and federal agencies, and Tribal entities in Alaska. The center is currently administered by Alaska Sea Grant, a joint partnership of the University of Alaska Fairbanks and NOAA. AMRTC is supported by Alaska Sea Grant’s mariculture specialist, Melissa Good, and a yet-to-be-selected AMRTC director who will serve on the board of the Alaska Mariculture Alliance. Alaska Sea Grant director Ginny Eckert is serving in an interim capacity until a permanent AMRTC director is named. If you have questions or feedback about the new website, contact Alaska Sea Grant’s Jenny Renee. For questions about Alaska mariculture or the center, visit the AMRTC contact page. If you are interested in the AMRTC director position, contact Ginny Eckert.