Shellfish and seaweed recipe series: Bull kelp salsa

Alaska Sea Grant’s Alaska Shellfish and Seaweed Growers Project is launching a recipe series to celebrate National Seafood Month and highlight tasty dishes you can make at home from mariculture crops available in Alaska. In this first installment, learn how to make zesty seaweed and tomato salsa using fresh Alaskan bull kelp.

Bull kelp is a common seaweed found in subtidal areas. Usually only the upper portion—the bulb and blades—are visible. You can harvest fresh bull kelp at low tide, or buy from a local farmer.

For details on how to connect with shellfish and seaweed farmers and distributors around the state, visit our farm-to-table mariculture directory and follow the Alaska Shellfish and Seaweed Growers Project on Facebook.

Check back for more recipes released on Fridays, and bon appétit!

Click here for PDF version of this salsa recipe.

Card with Bull Kelp Salsa recipe details