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New tools will help prospective businesses navigate aquaculture permitting

Boat, buoys and floats at a mariculture farm

Alaskans’ interest in the mariculture industry is growing. In 2016, state permitting agencies received only four aquatic farm applications. From 2017–2020, it jumped to 64. Mariculture includes the cultivation of shellfish, such as oysters, and seaweeds, used in a variety of foods, fertilizers and biofuels. Alaska state law prohibits the inclusion of finfish farming.  Shellfish…

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Seaweed Farm Start-up Training Program

oyster farm buoys in a cove

Alaska Sea Grant and partners are excited to announce the 2021 Seaweed Farm Start-up Training Program to be held for Alaska residents interested in starting their own seaweed farm in Alaska. In 2020, this program was held in Kodiak, Ketchikan, and Sitka as part of Phase 2 of the Alaska Mariculture Initiative. In February of…

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Alaska Aquaculture Opportunity Areas information session

Man and woman tending oyster nets

Please join us for an information session to learn more about designating Aquaculture Opportunity Areas (AOAs), and how you can help identify potential areas within Alaska that will become a focus for commercial aquaculture development. Registration for the information session is required. With the help of stakeholder input, NOAA will select 10 geographic regions nationwide.…

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Shellfish and seaweed recipe series: Bull kelp salsa

Alaska Sea Grant Shellfish and Seaweed Growers Project

Alaska Sea Grant’s Alaska Shellfish and Seaweed Growers Project is launching a recipe series to celebrate National Seafood Month and highlight tasty dishes you can make at home from mariculture crops available in Alaska. In this first installment, learn how to make zesty seaweed and tomato salsa using fresh Alaskan bull kelp. Bull kelp is…

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COVID-19 Economic Relief for Alaska’s Small Seafood Businesses

Seiner fishing boat in Valdez

Information from the Webinar PDF of presentation slides including resource links Video recording of the webinar (View on YouTube) COVID-19 Economic Relief: Guidance for Alaska Seafood Businesses (bulletin) The CARES Act was created to provide economic relief to those affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. In this webinar, we will cover provisions for small businesses through…

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Marine advisory agents promoted

Woman holding large object while older man inspects it with small telescopic lens

Julie Matweyou and Gary Freitag of Alaska Sea Grant’s Marine Advisory Program received promotions this month. Matweyou, the marine advisory agent based in Kodiak, received tenure and is now associate professor at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, where Alaska Sea Grant and the Marine Advisory Program are housed. Matweyou…

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Marine Advisory agent teaches ROV skills

(VIDEO: Watch Gary Freitag give instruction on how to use a remotely operated vehicle) There’s no typical day in the life of an Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory agent. Sometimes the work might involve disentangling a humpback whale caught in commercial fishing gear. Another day it could be performing a necropsy, rescuing a stranded baby…

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