small boat at sunset with rolling hills in the distance

Fishing boats in Sumner Strait, photo by Deborah Mercy.

Call for Abstracts

2019 Wakefield Fisheries Symposium: Cooperative Research—strategies for integrating industry perspectives and insights in fisheries science

Deadline: Extended to March 1, 2019 • Online abstract submission is now open.

This symposium is designed to explore effective approaches to implement and expand opportunities for cooperative research that engage scientists and industry towards further understanding of fisheries and marine processes in areas of joint interest. Oral presentations and posters on ongoing, completed, or planned cooperative research projects and/or effective strategies for cooperative research are encouraged. Case studies that highlight examples of effective collaborations are also welcome in this call for abstracts.

Fishermen, researchers, managers, industry representatives and community representatives are encouraged to participate. All are invited to submit abstracts for oral presentations or poster presentations on collaborative research that might include, but is not limited to the following themes:

  • results of collaborative research (e.g., status or trends in species of interest or targeted resources, dynamics in marine ecosystems, habitat studies)
  • effective strategies and approaches to facilitate collaborative dynamics between industry and marine scientists
  • skills and technology transfer (e.g., development and testing of new gear or gear modifications)
  • industry-supported opportunities, tools, approaches, and platforms to observe and investigate physical and biological phenomena
  • methods to integrate industry experience, insight, and knowledge of marine resource dynamics
  • processes to integrate industry data and perspectives and inform interpretation and application of results
  • methodologies and study designs to ensure robust scientific results
  • best practices—processes to identify research questions of joint interest, develop viable approaches and methods, inform study design, leverage resources, skills, and insights, and ensure informed and integrated data analysis and synthesis
  • application of results—applying insights to improve understanding of marine ecosystem processes, inform fishery management, sustainability, resource use and access, and interpret social-economic dynamics drivers and responses

Submitting abstracts

To contribute an oral or poster presentation, submit an abstract online no later than Friday, March 1, 2019. Abstracts must include:

  1. Type of presentation preferred (oral or poster).
  2. Title, 10 words or fewer.
  3. Author names, affiliation, city, country, and email.
  4. Name of contact person.
  5. Text of abstract in 250 words or less; please do not include any headings, tables, or figures.

Those who submit abstracts will be notified in February 2019 about abstract acceptance. If your abstract is accepted for presentation, you must register and pay the symposium fee by April 8 to secure a place on the program.

Presenting case studies

Participants interested in presenting their work as a case study are strongly encouraged to feature their work at this symposium. Use the online abstract submission form to provide a brief description of the content of the collaborative research and identify project leads and representatives willing to present and discuss this work.

We also invite representatives of both the participating industry (e.g., fisherman, cooperative, fleet, processing group, energy sector group or corporation) and the participating research institution (e.g., academic institution, government agency, community organization, research institution, contractor or consultant) to identify and provide contact information for participants willing to jointly present this work. Standard questions will be provided to participating groups to allow for comparisons between case studies and identification of best practices and lessons learned. More information on formats for case studies will be provided on request or following abstract review.