University of Alaska to host mariculture conference

Alaska Sea Grant is participating in a mariculture conference hosted by the University of Alaska in Juneau, on April 12–14. Mariculture for Alaska’s Future: Status, Challenges and Opportunities will focus on the status of mariculture in the state, including challenges and opportunities for developing the industry.   

Pulling kelp into boat
Kelp farmer pulls kelp into boat. Photo by Chris Sannito.

The conference will support continued development of mariculture in Alaska through consideration of accomplishments and opportunities in the areas of research and education, policy and regulation, and industry growth. The conference will bring together practitioners, regulators, policymakers, and scientists, and will build on previous accomplishments of The Alaska Mariculture Task Force Mariculture Development Plan and a Final Report to the Governor, identifying actions and a roadmap for development of the industry. 

Sessions and panel discussions will cover a range of issues, from infrastructure and hatcheries, to training and workforce development, and research will be shared through poster presentations. Visit for details and to register.  The conference is open to all interested individuals.