Collaborating to support marine science outreach and education in Unalaska

Photo of Jenny Renee

Alaska Sea Grant is collaborating with the Qawalangin Tribe of Unalaska to support marine science outreach and education in a unique new partnership. Jenny Renee, who works for the Qawalangin Tribe as a Fisheries and Outreach Coordinator, monitors and manages priority subsistence fisheries and spends a quarter of her time on marine science education and…

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Storm-related data help Bristol Bay communities plan for change

Man on a boat holds a GPS and a large plastic object.

Coastal communities across the Bristol Bay region are facing significant environmental change as the climate warms. For many west and northwest Alaska coastal communities, long, cold winters produce a barrier of sea ice along the coast, protecting against erosion and damage to infrastructure. With a warming Arctic resulting in less solid sea ice and longer…

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Planning for extreme climate events in Southeast Alaska

stumps and roots on the shoreline

Residents of Southeast Alaska are used to lots of rain and snow. Although precipitation varies greatly across the region, less than 30 inches of precipitation a year is highly unusual. As the climate changes, however, the region has experienced hotter and drier conditions, as well as other unusual weather events. Extreme heat and drought conditions…

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Research investigates toxins in Arctic food webs and marine mammals

Walrus with tusks on a piece of ice in the ocean

A new bulletin published by Alaska Sea Grant summarizes research to inform the public and help them understand the risk of paralytic shellfish toxins in Arctic Alaska food webs and marine mammals. Paralytic shellfish toxins—also called saxitoxins—are produced by microscopic marine algae and can cause paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP) when people consume shellfish or marine…

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Remembering Arliss Sturgulewski

Woman with short white hair and glasses

Arliss Sturgulewski, prominent Alaskan leader and long-time supporter of Alaska Sea Grant, died on April 7. Sturgulewski was active on the boards and committees of many nonprofits and educational institutions in Alaska, including the advisory council of the UAF College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences and Alaska Sea Grant’s advisory committee from 2003 to 2015.…

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Kachemak Bay monitoring efforts contribute important data about ocean acidification in nearshore ecosystems

man on boat holding research equipment

Alaska’s coastal waters are some of the most commercially valuable and productive ecosystems on the planet. Ocean acidification—a decrease in ocean pH caused by increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide—is expected to impact these ecosystems, but very little is known about how it could alter nearshore environments. Nearshore ecosystems provide habitat and serve as a nursery…

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Alaska Sea Grant hires new Dillingham agent

man with hat

Alaska Sea Grant announces Tav Ammu as the newest Marine Advisory Program extension agent. Tav will be based in Dillingham at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Bristol Bay Campus starting in August 2022. “Alaska Sea Grant is committed to outreach, education, and extension in Bristol Bay communities” said Alaska Sea Grant director, Ginny Eckert. “Our…

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Research informs where and when harmful algal blooms may occur

Woman on boat

Julie Matweyou and Jesse Gordon contributed to this story Harmful algal blooms (HABs) occur when certain species of algae become abundant and produce toxins. Forecasting these blooms could help mitigate human and wildlife health risks. Alexandrium catenella is an alga capable of producing powerful neurotoxins that can accumulate in shellfish and cause Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning…

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Leigh Lubin joins Alaska Sea Grant as new education specialist

woman with mountains in background

Leigh Lubin recently joined Alaska Sea Grant as our education specialist. Based in Valdez, Leigh’s role is to support environmental and marine literacy around the state. She will be working with students, educators and researchers to facilitate and support educational activities and engage coastal communities. Leigh joins our team of community-based Marine Advisory Program agents…

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