Preparing fresh Alaska seafood: grilling oysters

oysters roasting on a campfire

Grilling is an easy way to enjoy fresh or frozen oysters at home. Oysters can be grilled whole in the shell, or shucked and grilled in the half-shell on a barbecue or campfire. For easy oyster prep, place whole oysters on the grill. Heat from the flame steams the oysters, and the shell will open slightly when the oysters are done. Shucked oysters can similarly be grilled, while providing the opportunity to add delicious toppings during cooking, such as flavored butter and spices.

This installment of the Alaska Shellfish and Seaweed Growers Project series offers a sneak preview of a smoked oyster demonstration from executive chef Austin Green, preparing oysters from Alaska’s Blue Starr Oyster Company. Give it a try on your own home grill.

Thanks to Baranof Fish Excursions and the Hump Island Oyster Company for sharing a part of their video project on oyster farming and cooking in Alaska.