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13th Western Alaska Interdisciplinary Science Conference and Forum

Western Alaska Interdisciplinary Science Conference and Forum

The 13th annual Western Alaska Interdisciplinary Science Conference (WAISC) aims to bring together local and indigenous knowledge of subsistence–based communities and other scientific research relevant to Western Alaska; including economic, ecological, social, and health issues important to rural communities. This year’s conference focuses on the future threats and opportunities in the face of a changing…

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New artwork in Dillingham showcases water as a source of life and culture

The Dillingham School District recently installed a mural called “Water is Our Way of Life.”  The mural highlights the important role water serves as a source of culture, food and recreation within the Bristol Bay community, where fishing is a key economic and cultural activity. Icicle Seafoods contributed $1,800 toward the mural’s creation. It was…

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Dillingham agent shares fish knowledge at Salmon Camp

Our Dillingham agent, Gabe Dunham, spent time with Bristol Bay area students this summer, teaching them about the human dimensions of fisheries. The students were participating in the annual Salmon Camp, sponsored by Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation. Located on the shores of Lake Aleknagik, the camp provides high school and middle school students the…

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Bristol Bay residents learn to advocate for fisheries issues

A course called “Fisheries and the Legislative Process” is teaching Alaskans from the Bristol Bay region how to be advocates in the state capital. Each January a group of Bristol Bay students of all ages travels to Juneau for a week, where they learn the lawmaking process and how decisions are made that affect their communities.

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Gabe Dunham

Gabe Dunham Marine Advisory Agent, Dillingham (907) 842-8321 Contact Gabe Bio page Marine Advisory Program PO Box 1070 Dillingham, AK 99576 Gabe Dunham Focus Commercial Fisheries Economic Development Resource Economics Social Capital Rural Energy Use Energy Efficiency Expertise Natural resource economics, business management, survey design and administration, commercial fishing, marine and automotive diesel, and outboard…

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Marine agent draws on experience to advise Alaskans

Terry Johnson has spent much of his life on boats and on the coast. The marine agent and University of Alaska Fairbanks professor has commercially fished, led marine life viewing tours, assisted fishermen, been a prolific writer and helped coastal residents adapt to climate change.

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