Bristol Bay residents learn to advocate for fisheries issues

A course called “Fisheries and the Legislative Process” is teaching Alaskans from the Bristol Bay region how to be advocates in the state capital. Each January a group of Bristol Bay students of all ages travels to Juneau for a week, where they learn the lawmaking process and how decisions are made that affect their communities.

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Gabe Dunham

Gabe Dunham MAP Leader, Fisheries Specialist, Juneau (907) 474-6982 Contact Gabe Bio page Marine Advisory Program 17101 Point Lena Loop Road, Office 321 Juneau, AK 99801 Gabe Dunham Focus Commercial Fisheries Economic Development…

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Marine agent draws on experience to advise Alaskans

bearded man holding a fishing pole on the water

Terry Johnson has spent much of his life on boats and on the coast. The marine agent and University of Alaska Fairbanks professor has commercially fished, led marine life viewing tours, assisted fishermen, been a prolific writer and helped coastal residents adapt to climate change.

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