Fellow spotlight: Kelly Drummond

Woman in hat and coat smiling. Mountains in background
photo courtesy of Kelly Drummond

Kelly Drummond is spending her year in the Alaska Sea Grant State Fellowship program working with the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation (AFDF) on projects focused on growing the mariculture industry in Alaska. Additionally, Drummond is contributing to the development of the AFDF Startup Accelerator program, creating marketing and outreach materials, as well as Marine Stewardship Council certification projects.

“I saw the Alaska Sea Grant fellowship as an opportunity to be immersed in relevant marine management issues in the waters of Alaska,” Drummond said. “I am really excited to be part of a dedicated team that is involved in many aspects of developing fisheries and mariculture in Alaska and look forward to learning more about both the science of algae and the potential commercial applications.”

As part of her fellowship, she attended Southeast Conference in Sitka in September, and plans to attend this month’s Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle and the Alaska Mariculture Conference in Anchorage this winter.

Drummond graduated from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in June with a Master of Advanced Studies in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation. The multidisciplinary nature of that program prepared her for her work at AFDF involving the intersection of scientific research, economics and industry. Drummond’s undergraduate degree in social science has proven useful as well for framing emerging industry needs within the social contexts of Alaska mariculture and fishing.

Prior to graduate school, Drummond worked in experiential education as a Montessori guide, outdoor educator, and art teacher in California, the Caribbean, and Mexico. Her first season in Alaska was spent as a commercial fishing deckhand in Bristol Bay. She lived and worked on the shores of Lake Clark, Alaska, for several years at a wilderness lodge and artist residency, and gained experience as a wilderness guide for a season. Drummond now lives in Juneau with her dog, Dylan, and enjoys exploring Southeast Alaska.

More information about the Alaska Sea Grant State Fellowship Program is available on the Alaska Sea Grant website.