Fellow spotlight: Drew Porter

man sitting on a barnacle covered rock near the ocean

Drew Porter is an Alaska Sea Grant State Fellow working in collaboration with the Recruitment Energetics and Coastal Assessment (RECA) Program at NOAA Fisheries’ Alaska Fisheries Science Center. Porter started…

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Fellow spotlight: James Currie

Man smiling on boat holding large piece of kelp. Buoy in water behind him.

James Currie is an Alaska Sea Grant State Fellow working with NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Alaska Region Aquaculture Program in Juneau. James works with Alicia Bishop, the aquaculture…

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Fellow spotlight: Karen Grosskreutz

Woman with hood up in the rain smiling. In background are coastal rocks and water.

Karen Grosskreutz is an Alaska Sea Grant State Fellow working with the cross-Pacific Indigenous Aquaculture Collaborative Network (IAC). Grosskreutz is helping support Indigenous knowledge-holders and culture-bearers to connect with members…

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Fellow spotlight: Clay McKean

Man with beard and glasses standing in front of an ocean view

Alaska Sea Grant State Fellow Clay McKean is working with the North Pacific Fishery Management Council (NPFMC) as a Fishery Analyst. When he applied, he  hoped to use the fellowship…

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