Beverly Bradley, Marine Advisory Program Coordinator, retiring

Beverly Bradley, Alaska Sea Grant’s Marine Advisory Program Coordinator, is retiring at the end of this month, after more than 35 years of service to the University of Alaska, and 22 years with the Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program.

Beverly began working for the University of Alaska Cooperative Extension Service in 1985. In 1999, she was hired by the Marine Advisory Program as a part-time administrative assistant and advanced to become full-time program coordinator. Beverly manages budgets, projects and grants, and provides communications and outreach support for faculty, among other duties.

Beverly Bradley
Beverly Bradley outside the Alaska Sea Grant Office in Anchorage, Fall 2021. Photo courtesy Alaska Sea Grant.

“In all of her roles, she has brought heart and soul to her work, consistently working long and unusual hours to make good things happen on behalf of the university, Alaska Sea Grant, and the people of Alaska,” said Marine Advisory Program agent Sunny Rice. “Her dedication and commitment to fulfill the mission and goals of the Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program is an inspiration to all that work with her.”

Beverly has been a steady hand at the program through many personnel, programmatic, financial, and organizational changes. She has worked under many Alaska Sea Grant directors, deans and Marine Advisory Program leaders. Through each transition, Beverly provided stability and a deep understanding of the university system to help keep the Marine Advisory Program on track and successful.

A hallmark of Beverly’s work is her respect and regard for each person she encounters. When working with staff, she empowers them to do their best through trust and partnership. She gets to know and communicates regularly with faculty members, as well as the communities served by the Marine Advisory Program. This attitude extends to the Alaska Sea Grant Advisory Committee, students, and the public.

“She supports everybody in every aspect of the program,” said Dawn Montano, Alaska Sea Grant’s publications specialist. “She always knows how to handle a difficult situation, stays calm under stress, and has so much institutional knowledge. If you have a question about just about anything, Beverly will either have the answer or know how to figure it out.”

Beverly has played a vital role in the programmatic activities and accomplishments of the Marine Advisory Program, contributing to ongoing outreach efforts including the Alaska Seafood Processing Leadership Institute, the Alaska Young Fishermen’s Summit, the Western Alaska Interdisciplinary Science Conference, and the Kodiak Area Marine Science Symposium. These events benefitted from Beverly’s attention to detail, comprehensive knowledge of budget processes, and willingness to help. In addition to coordinating logistics for these  statewide events, she embodies Alaska Sea Grant’s purpose and dedication to service to Alaskans.

“I have felt so honored to be a part of the education and service we bring to our communities and to work with so many creative and dedicated people,” Beverly said. “I will miss the camaraderie and friendship of my work family.” She says she is looking forward to learning new things, finding new hobbies and having new adventures.

Gabe Dunham, Marine Advisory Program lead, described Beverly as “the matriarch of the Marine Advisory Program.” If there is anyone whose shoes cannot be filled, it would be Beverly.  

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