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Public-private partnership at university spurs Alaska’s maritime workforce training

Government, industry and academic representatives met in Anchorage recently to discuss new ways to advance the state’s maritime sector. Alaska’s maritime industry—sometimes referred to as “Alaska’s blue economy”—supports over 70,000 jobs and is the state’s largest private employer, according to the Alaska Department of Labor. It includes fishermen, seafood processors, ocean managers and researchers, vessel…

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New technology could boost surimi profits and cut waste

Tyre Lanier has spent four decades becoming an expert in surimi, or what some call “fake crab.” The North Carolina professor knows practically everything there is to know about surimi, a gelatinous fish product he jokingly calls the “hot dog of the sea.” In Alaska, surimi is no laughing matter. In 2016, seven onshore plants…

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Kodiak residents heed tsunami warning

showing around 50 people of all ages gathered in a building foyer

Astrid Rose was fast asleep early Tuesday when a massive undersea earthquake jolted her out of bed. The Kodiak resident knew what was happening and started getting her family up and out the door. The 7.9 quake, centered about 175 miles southeast of Kodiak, felt particularly strong and seemed to last forever. “It felt like…

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Chris Sannito

Chris Sannito Seafood Technology Specialist, Kodiak (907) 539-2012 Contact Chris Bio page Marine Advisory Program Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center 118 Trident Way Kodiak, AK 99615 Chris Sannito Focus Seafood processing Environmental compliance Product development Small business operations Education M.S. Food Science, 1995. University of Alaska Fairbanks B.S. Science and Mathematics, 1989. Hawaii Loa…

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Julie Matweyou

Julie Matweyou Marine Advisory Agent, Kodiak (907) 486-1514 Contact Julie Bio page Marine Advisory Program Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center 118 Trident Way Kodiak, AK 99615 Julie Matweyou Focus Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning, Harmful Algal Blooms, Marine Safety, Commercial Fishing, Recreational/Subsistence Fishing, Coastal Stewardship, Marine Literacy, and Regional Economic Development Experience Commercial fisherman: longline-sablefish, halibut,…

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Quentin Fong

Quentin Fong Seafood Marketing Specialist, Kodiak (907) 486-1516 Contact Quentin Bio page Marine Advisory Program Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center 118 Trident Way Kodiak, AK 99615 Quentin Fong Focus Food markets and marketing management Business management and planning Trade and the environment Aquaculture and fisheries economics Expertise Twelve years of commercial fishing Ten years…

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Astrid Rose

Astrid Rose Program Assistant, Kodiak Bio page Astrid retired from the University of Alaska in 2019. Astrid Rose Focus Provided administrative support to the Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center and the Marine Advisory Program faculty in Kodiak. Experience Alaska State House Legislative Experience – 5 years working for Representative Austerman

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Kodiak Area Marine Science Symposium 2017

Kodiak Area Marine Science Symposium

Hosted by the Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program with support from regional partners and contributors, KAMSS provides a forum for researchers to share findings within the research community and to the general public. The symposium offers opportunity for stakeholders to engage and understand how Kodiak’s marine environment and resources function, change, and affect our…

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