Western Alaska Interdisciplinary Science Conference

Western Alaska Interdisciplinary Science Conference and Forum

Alaska Sea Grant and the UAF Bristol Bay Campus are hosting the 14th annual Western Alaska Interdisciplinary Science Conference (WAISC) April 21–22. Registration is now open and abstracts are being accepted for the online conference. WAISC focuses on scientific research and knowledge relevant to Western Alaska and brings together local and indigenous knowledge of economic,…

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Building diversity, equity and inclusion

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion graphic image

Alaska Sea Grant is committed to deepening understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion and how social justice intersects with our work. We continue to explore how to integrate DEI in all that we do, including learning, acknowledging and incorporating multiple ways of knowing into more aspects of our work.  Recently, our staff and faculty gathered…

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International seaweed processors visit Kodiak

basket of kelp

On October 29, a group of international seaweed processors visited Kodiak and the Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center (KSMSC). The delegation stopped in Kodiak as part of a tour of coastal Alaska that included Ketchikan, Juneau, Cordova, and Dutch Harbor. The event was organized by Julie Decker and the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation. The…

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Research informs where and when harmful algal blooms may occur

Woman on boat

Julie Matweyou and Jesse Gordon contributed to this story Harmful algal blooms (HABs) occur when certain species of algae become abundant and produce toxins. Forecasting these blooms could help mitigate human and wildlife health risks. Alexandrium catenella is an alga capable of producing powerful neurotoxins that can accumulate in shellfish and cause Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning…

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Leigh Lubin joins Alaska Sea Grant as new education specialist

woman with mountains in background

Leigh Lubin recently joined Alaska Sea Grant as our education specialist. Based in Valdez, Leigh’s role is to support environmental and marine literacy around the state. She will be working with students, educators and researchers to facilitate and support educational activities and engage coastal communities. Leigh joins our team of community-based Marine Advisory Program agents…

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University of Alaska to host mariculture conference

Kelp farmer pulling kelp into boat

Alaska Sea Grant is participating in a mariculture conference hosted by the University of Alaska in Juneau, on April 12–14. Mariculture for Alaska’s Future: Status, Challenges and Opportunities will focus on the status of mariculture in the state, including challenges and opportunities for developing the industry.    The conference will support continued development of mariculture in…

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Identifying training needs of new Alaska fishermen

a pile of salmon

Alaska’s seafood industry is the economic backbone of many coastal communities. Seafood harvesting jobs pay well, and yet getting into the business is not easy. Commercial fishing demands a range of skills from business know-how to mechanics and an understanding of regulatory and safety requirements. The success and sustainability of the fishing industry depends on…

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State Fellow Spotlight: Hannah-Marie Garcia

woman with sunglasses in snow

Jesse Gordon contributed to this story Alaska Sea Grant State Fellow, Hannah-Marie Garcia, is completing her 12-month fellowship with the Alaska Conservation Foundation’s (ACF) Northern Latitudes Partnership (NLP) team. The mission of the NLP is “collaborating across geographic and disciplinary boundaries to help communities be culturally, environmentally, and economically secure in a rapidly changing North.”…

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Regional partnership sparks collaboration to advance Indigenous aquaculture practices

a circle of people standing in a pond

Alaska Sea Grant is working  with Washington Sea Grant and Hawaiʻi Sea Grant to foster collaboration among researchers, students, and diverse stakeholders to advance sustainable Indigenous aquaculture practices. This Cross-Pacific Regional Collaborative Hub for Indigenous Aquaculture aims to catalyze regional partnerships to strengthen community access to customary practices  and enhance seafood production across the Pacific…

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