UAF student completes salmon predation study

Very few juvenile salmon return to spawn. Many are consumed by larger fish who eat them as they migrate from rivers or hatcheries to the ocean. That’s a problem for hatcheries that release millions of young salmon, called smolts, into the waters of coastal Alaska. Alaska Sea Grant funded research on chum salmon predation by…

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Good news from D.C. on Sea Grant funding

salmon in river

The 2018 federal budget was passed and signing into law in late March. The omnibus bill calls for $65 million in base funding for Sea Grant and $11.5 million in directed funding for aquaculture. That’s an increase of $4 million over last year’s appropriation to Sea Grant.

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Alaska Sea Grant awards over $1 million for research

Rockfish in the hands of a person wearing orange fishing waders

Alaska Sea Grant has selected six research projects for funding during 2018–2020, with the majority of the work getting underway next month. The researchers will receive $1.3 million to study a diverse range of topics intended to help Alaskans understand, conserve and sustainably use the state’s rich marine and coastal resources.

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Fishing industry backs Alaska Sea Grant funding

United Fishermen of Alaska (I Vote Fish)

Alaska’s largest commercial fishing trade organization supports continued funding of Alaska Sea Grant. Alaska Sea Grant is one of 33 programs in coastal and Great Lakes states, plus Puerto Rico and Guam, that is targeted for elimination under the White House’s proposed FY 2018 budget. National Sea Grant receives about $73 million from Congress annually…

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