New podcast shares stories from coastal communities

National Sea Grant has launched a new podcast called On My Coast. The podcast shares the stories of people on America’s coasts and how Sea Grant brings science together with communities for solutions that work. Host Amara Davis is a Knauss Fellow.

This first episode, titled Resilient Island Communities, features Alaska Sea Grant’s Sunny Rice, a Marine Advisory Program Agent based in Petersburg. In the recording, Sunny shares her perspective on some of what makes living on an island unique. 

Woman in Alaska Sea Grant hat smiling
Sunny Rice, Alaska Sea Grant marine Advisory Program Agent based in Petersburg

Also featured in the first episode are Joshua Tenorio, Lieutenant Governor of Guam; Austin Shelton, Assistant Professor at the University of Guam and Director of Guam Sea Grant; and Shelly Krueger, Florida Sea Grant Extension Agent. The episode covers a wide range of topics within the context of the question: how do governments, researchers, nonprofits and community members come together to tackle the unique challenges islands face?

Listen to On My Coast, Episode 1: Resilient Island Communities, and future episodes at