Unalaska’s “Dockside Discovery” for kids reaches a national audience

Melissa Good in fishing gear smiling
Melissa Good, Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program agent for the Aleutian–Pribilof Islands.

The 10th annual Dockside Discovery was held recently in Unalaska at the Robert Storrs Small Boat Harbor. The event was coordinated by Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program agent Melissa Good for all elementary students from the Unalaska City School District.

In past years, area students from grades 1–6 met at the harbor to ask questions and learn about local marine life. But this was not a normal year.

Due to health mandates restricting social gatherings, this year’s Dockside Discovery field trip went virtual. Local students were encouraged by their teachers— two of whom were trained SCUBA divers bringing up marine life from the depths of the harbor—to watch through Facebook Live or on the local TV station, and to ask questions online to be answered in real time by the adults on the dock.

The online event reached over 7000 people from around the country, according to KUCB.

For more details, see KUCB’s recap “’How Are Sea Sponges Alive If They Have No Guts?’ Thousands Join Virtual Dockside Discovery Day.” 

Watch a recording of the event on KUCB’s Facebook page.