Alaska Sea Grant gears up for smoked fish training, and processing workshop

Reprinted with permission, Copyright © 2017

Alaska Sea Grant, an organization created to help Alaska’s marine coastal and watershed ecosystems through research and education, is offering two programs to ensure that the seafood industry in the area continues to grow.

From October 12th to the 13th Alaska Sea Grant will be hosting a smoked seafood workshop for those interested in smoking and processing fish. Registration is open to anyone with an interest, including home-fish smoking enthusiasts, smokehouse operators and commercial fisherman. The workshop, which costs $270, and is a collaboration between Alaska Sea Grant and the Manufacturing Alaska Extension Partnership, will be held at the Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center. The two-day event will feature a combination of lectures and hands on-activities. Attendees will learn about the principles of fish smoking, safety, brining, filleting for curing and more.

The organization is also preparing for the 2017 Alaska Seafood Processing Leadership Institute in November. With the seafood industry employing a large number of Alaska residents, Alaska Sea Grant offers a training program to groom future seafood industry leaders.The Institute started in 2006 and provides technical training, as well as the “leadership and management skills that are needed to succeed in the seafood industry.” The program runs from November 13th to the 17th in Kodiak, and March 5th to the 9th in Anchorage.

— By Amanda Buckle for