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New ocean invader spotted in Alaska

Underwater photo of small tree-like organism with brown branches

Scientists and local volunteers have detected a new invasive species in the waters of Southeast Alaska. Alaska Sea Grant’s Gary Freitag, Marine Advisory agent in Ketchikan, is a member of the scientific team that discovered Bugula neritina, an invertebrate filter feeder also referred to as a branching bryozoan. These tiny organisms form colonies and are…

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Gay Sheffield

Gay Sheffield Marine Advisory Agent, Nome (907) 443-2397 Contact Gay Bio page Marine Advisory Program 400 East Front Street Nome, AK 99762 Gay Sheffield Expertise Marine ecology, marine mammals, subsistence harvest of marine resources, foraging ecology and diet. Education B.S. Environmental Conservation, University of New Hampshire M.S. Marine Biology, University of Alaska Fairbanks Experience More…

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Melissa Good

Melissa Good Marine Advisory Agent, Unalaska (907) 581-1876 Contact Melissa Bio page Marine Advisory Program PO Box 248 Unalaska, AK 99685 Melissa Good Focus Marine Ecology Marine Literacy Education and Outreach Commercial Fisheries Recreational/Subsistence Fishing Subsistence Harvesting Education M.S. Marine Biology. 2010. University of Alaska Fairbanks B.S. (Honors) Natural Resource Management. 2008. University of Alaska…

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