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Weaving traditional and local knowledge into Sea Grant’s work

Alaska Sea Grant, together with the 32 other Sea Grant programs across the country, took part in a visioning exercise in 2017 to improve what we do to support coastal communities and economics. The purpose of the exercise was to look closely at 10 key topic areas and set goals, outcomes and best practices for…

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Local knowledge in Sea Grant’s future

Alaska Sea Grant’s Davin Holen, and Matt Bethel of Louisiana Sea Grant, are leading a search for the best ways to include local and traditional knowledge in Sea Grant work over the next 10 years. They hosted a workshop in Juneau last month to launch the local knowledge visioning effort, with representatives from 10 Sea…

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Alaska Sea Grant awards over $1 million for research


Alaska Sea Grant has selected six research projects for funding during 2018–2020, with the majority of the work getting underway next month. The researchers will receive $1.3 million to study a diverse range of topics intended to help Alaskans understand, conserve and sustainably use the state’s rich marine and coastal resources.

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