Updated guide helps communities facing man-made disasters

workers on a beach during and oil spill

The Exxon-Valdez oil spill captured worldwide attention with its devastating environmental impacts. Less attention was paid, however, to the social and economic effects the incident had on local communities in the immediate aftermath as well as over the long term. For years following the spill, local residents needed help understanding, managing, and recovering from the…

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New publication helps Alaska homeowners prepare for emergencies

Alaska Emergency and Disaster Homeowner's Handbook cover

Alaska Sea Grant released a new homeowners guide to help Alaskans prepare for natural disasters and extreme weather conditions around the state. The free book, Alaska Emergency and Disaster Homeowner’s Handbook, is available immediately for electronic download or can be ordered in print from the Alaska Sea Grant bookstore. Alaskans—whether in large or small communities…

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How visualizing data on Cook Inlet wild resource harvests can improve oil spill planning and response

Davin Holen smiling

Alaska Sea Grant’s Davin Holen will summarize a project that integrated a socio-economic data layer called the Wild Resource Harvest and Use by Cook Inlet Communities into the Cook Inlet Response Tool (CIRT) and discuss how similar information could be used in other communities impacted by oil, gas, and other natural resource and industrial activities.…

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Adapt Kodiak: a coastal resilience workshop

Adapt Kodiak - a coastal resilience workshop - October 24-25 2019 - Afognak Center Kodiak

Check-in and coffee starts at 8 am Thursday, with the program kicking off at 8:30. Download the agenda with video conference links. Adapt Kodiak is a workshop dedicated to the discussion of the challenges and opportunities faced by Kodiak residents in building greater community resilience. The steering committee of Kodiak residents has narrowed this focus to…

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Local and traditional knowledge included in Bering Sea management plan

a beach with seals, and buildings of a small community in the background

With assistance from Alaska Sea Grant, the North Pacific Fishery Management Council recently adopted what some are calling a groundbreaking ecosystem management plan for the Bering Sea that incorporates local and traditional knowledge. It’s the first time that local knowledge (LK) and traditional knowledge (TK) has been formally taken into account in the regional council’s…

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Weaving traditional and local knowledge into Sea Grant’s work

Alaska Sea Grant, together with the 32 other Sea Grant programs across the country, took part in a visioning exercise in 2017 to improve what we do to support coastal communities and economics. The purpose of the exercise was to look closely at 10 key topic areas and set goals, outcomes and best practices for…

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Local knowledge in Sea Grant’s future

Alaska Sea Grant’s Davin Holen, and Matt Bethel of Louisiana Sea Grant, are leading a search for the best ways to include local and traditional knowledge in Sea Grant work over the next 10 years. They hosted a workshop in Juneau last month to launch the local knowledge visioning effort, with representatives from 10 Sea…

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