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Man building work scaffolding around a boat New handbook on boatyard hazards aims to improve safety (9/12/2019) - Building, repairing and maintaining vessels can be hazardous work. The rate of injury and illness on ships and in boatyards is more than double those of construction and general industry, according to federal officials. Alaska Sea Grant has a new online booklet aimed at making boatyards safer by explaining the risks and recommending ways that boat…
harvesters in a small boat approach a dock with a load of seaweed Seaweed farmers in Alaska gear up for large haul (5/7/2019) - Blue Evolution is collaborating with the University of Alaska and Alaska Sea Grant on seaweed research aimed at developing cost-effective cultivation methods for several native species.
Underwater photo of small tree-like organism with brown branches New ocean invader spotted in Alaska (10/8/2018) - Scientists and local volunteers have detected a new invasive species in the waters of Southeast Alaska. Alaska Sea Grant’s Gary Freitag, Marine Advisory agent in Ketchikan, is a member of the scientific team that discovered Bugula neritina, an invertebrate filter feeder also referred to as a branching bryozoan. These tiny organisms form colonies and are…
woman smiling Heather Brandon to lead Alaska Sea Grant (8/13/2018) - The University of Alaska Fairbanks has chosen Heather Brandon as Alaska Sea Grant’s new director. Brandon is an environmental policy leader with experience in fisheries issues on a broad geographic scale, ranging from Alaska to the Arctic and Russian Far East. The Juneau resident was selected after a competitive national search.
Study: Alaska fishermen suffer high rate of health problems (6/14/2018) - Alaska salmon fishermen have a significantly higher rate of health problems than the general population, according to a new study conducted by the University of Washington School of Public Health in partnership with Alaska Sea Grant. The health issues include noise-induced hearing loss, upper extremity disorders and fatigue possibly associated with sleep apnea.
Fellowships announced by Alaska Sea Grant (5/16/2018) - CONTACT: Paula Dobbyn, 907-274-9698, Five graduate students selected by Alaska Sea Grant will spend a year working with state and federal agencies to support healthy coastal communities and the marine environment. Alaska Sea Grant chose the students to participate in its State Fellowship program. The fellowships strengthen Alaska’s workforce by cultivating future professionals working in marine science and policy, fisheries,…
Sea Grant updates direct marketing guide for fishermen (3/6/2018) - The Sea Grant programs in Alaska and Washington have released an updated edition of the popular “Fishermen’s Direct Marketing Manual.” The manual is a how-to guide and reference book for commercial fishermen who wish to bypass processors and wholesalers and sell their catch directly to brokers, restaurants and other buyers. As the business climate of…
Network will assist safe shellfish harvest in Alaska (1/31/2018) - A new network of experts from across the state will work to help Alaska communities better understand and mitigate the effects of harmful blooms of algae, including the toxins they produce and the potential health risks to humans and animals.
rockfish Alaska Sea Grant awards over $1 million for research (1/23/2018) - Alaska Sea Grant has selected six research projects for funding during 2018–2020, with the majority of the work getting underway next month. The researchers will receive $1.3 million to study a diverse range of topics intended to help Alaskans understand, conserve and sustainably use the state’s rich marine and coastal resources.
Deadlines approach for Sea Grant fellowships (12/8/2017) - Alaska Sea Grant is accepting applications for several fellowships for students or recent graduates.


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