ProAROE: Professional Ammonia Refrigeration Operator Education for seafood processors

Apply for the September/October 2023 ProAROE Level 1 training program.

The Professional Ammonia Refrigeration Operator Education for seafood processors (ProAROE) training will be available starting September 2023. The program develops mechanically skilled employees into qualified refrigeration operators.

ProAROE is a three-level program providing workers the skills and competencies specific to operating ammonia refrigeration systems in the Alaskan seafood industry:

  • Ammonia Refrigeration Assistant Operator 1 (ProAROE Level 1)
  • Ammonia Refrigeration Assistant Operator 2 (ProAROE Level 2)
  • Ammonia Refrigeration Operator (ProAROE Level 3)

The program focuses on equipment commonly found in Alaskan seafood processing operations, including plate freezers, ice machines, and refrigerated seawater heat exchangers. Workers will be trained for Alaska conditions, including the seasonal nature of the systems and facilities, typical maintenance periods, and running seasonal projects. 

Each level of ProAROE involves several computer-based learning modules followed by a 5-day, 40-hour intensive hands-on class. Testing will be part of each level. After successful completion of the online and hands-on training segments, participants will receive a certificate outlining the acquired skills and competencies. 

Man wearing hat, glasses and mask looking at an ammonia refrigeration unit in a processing plant.

Photo courtesy of Kris Norosz.

Starting September 2023, the ProAROE Ammonia Refrigeration Assistant Operator 1 online training modules will be available to accepted applicants. Students will then attend five days of hands-on classes in Kodiak October 2–6 or October 9–13. Each hands-on class will be limited to 15 trainees.

For more details on ProAROE and the specific topics covered, visit the Alaska Research Consortium ProAROE website.

Tuition will be charged for the program. For more information, please contact Caleb Taylor, Alaska Sea Grant’s seafood workforce development coordinator.

ProAROE is a collaboration of the Alaska Research Consortium, iWorkWise, and Alaska Sea Grant, with support from a federal grant. We are excited to offer this new program supporting the safety and quality of seafood in Alaska.

Apply for ProAROE Level 1 training

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