Call for Abstracts

2020 Kodiak Area Marine Science Symposium

Deadline extended: February 28, 2020 • Online abstract submission is now open.

Kodiak Area Marine Science Symposium
Hosted by the Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program with support from regional partners and contributors, KAMSS provides a forum for researchers to share findings within the research community and to the general public. The symposium offers opportunity for stakeholders to engage and understand how Kodiak’s marine environment and resources function, change, and affect our lives and livelihoods and offers a venue for researchers to plan for integrated, cooperative and community-inspired marine research.

Presenters are asked to share their recent research findings, provide updates on the status of marine resources, highlight decadal changes, identify integrated studies, and discuss industry/public collaborations.

The KAMSS audience includes a diverse and inquisitive public including fishermen, merchants, resource users, resource managers, scientists, educators and students. People want an opportunity to share and understand their observations of the Kodiak marine environment; learn about the research conducted to protect and wisely use resources, and explore changes to our marine ecosystem due to continued climate changes. This is a chance for researchers to present their results to an audience eager for information about the marine resources that surround their community and form the basis of the local economy.

KAMSS will feature oral and poster presentations.

Oral presentations will be limited to 20 minutes (15-minute talk plus 5 minutes for questions and answers), delivered in plenary sessions organized thematically. Please tailor your presentation to the lay audience. Posters will be featured during the evening Poster session and remain displayed throughout the conference.

Topic Areas

Oral presentations and posters addressing Kodiak area research are sought on the following topics:

  • climate and oceanography
  • lower trophic levels
  • fishes
  • seabirds
  • marine mammals
  • human dimensions
  • ecosystem perspectives
  • emerging issues

Abstract Book and Program

All abstracts will be printed and bound with the symposium program, and made available to symposium attendees.

Abstract Submission

The online abstract submission deadline for this symposium is February 10, 2020.

Abstracts must include:

  1. Type of presentation preferred (oral or poster).
  2. Topic area from above list.
  3. Title, in upper/lowercase type, using as few words as possible.
  4. Author names as they will appear in the abstract book; full affiliation and mailing address; and phone and email address. Use superscript style.
  5. Name of presenter and contact person, if different from first author.

Text of abstract in 250 words or fewer; do not include any headings, tables, figures, or references. If paragraphs in your abstract are particularly long, please break them up into smaller paragraphs of 170 words or less.