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Arctic Today: With erosion threatening its shoreline, Utqiagvik’s residents are stepping up as citizen scientists (8/17/2018) - A project in Utqiagvik funded by Alaska Sea Grant is focusing on key areas where infrastructure is vulnerable, and will help local people plan ways to mitigate climate change effects and adapt to new realities.
Petersburg Pilot: Summer science camp introduces kids to scientific careers in the community (8/16/2018) - The Petersburg Marine Mammal Center is hosting a summer science camp this week to expose middle school aged kids to the scientific jobs available in the community. "We're excited," said Sunny Rice, Petersburg Marine Mammal Center board member and marine advisory agent with the College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences/Alaska Sea Grant. "It'll be fun. It's always lots fun. Lots of energy. It's good to expose them to things they might want to do later on in life."
KTUU: Researchers work to pinpoint cause of seabird die-off in Bering Sea (8/13/2018) - Alaska Sea Grant’s Gay Sheffield is part of a group trying to understand why 1,400 seabirds have been found dead around the northern Bering and Chukchi Seas.
KMXT: Graduate student experiments with extending shelf life and safety of cooked crab (7/30/2018) - An Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute and Sea Grant graduate student intern is looking at how to extend the shelf life of cooked Dungeness crab and make it safer to eat.
KTVA: Harvesting Alaska—New research could change seaweed rules (7/30/2018) - A Sea Grant-funded graduate student is seeing if seaweed can be sustainably harvested Cook Inlet.

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