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KDLG Radio: City council weighs options as rapid erosion threatens Dillingham sewer (11/8/2019) - Erosion is eating away the coastline by Dillingham’s sewage lagoon. The city council held a meeting with contract engineers to discuss options for the lagoon before it’s too late. Alaska Sea Grant’s Gabe Dunham has studied the coastline by the lagoon since 2016. In a project with Alaska Sea Grant, Dunham and three other scientists installed three transects, including a camera, to measure how much land is being lost.
Nome Nugget: Chances are, fall and winter will bring warmer and wetter days (10/31/2019) - Rick Thoman came to Nome to give different groups an idea of what to expect in weather this fall and winter. He began with a recap of last spring and summer for the group attending the Strait Science session, a program sponsored by UAF Northwest Campus and Alaska Sea Grant.
Cordova Times: Federal grant will aid Sitka Tribe toxin research (10/13/2019) - A collaborative project with the University of Washington Tacoma, NCCOS, the University of Alaska and Alaska Sea Grant aims to develop two lab-based quantitative molecular methods for detection and counting of Alexandrium catenella resting cysts in sediment from the Gulf of Maine, Washington (Puget Sound), and Alaska (Kodiak and Kachemak Bay). The project will develop a target-specific DNA probe for a fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) assay.
Cordova Times: Smoked seafood workshop on tap at Kodiak (10/9/2019) - Alaska Sea Grant’s annual smoked seafood workshop is set for Oct. 17-18 in Kodiak, with a focus on safe processing of locally caught chum and coho salmon and black cod.
NYT Opinion: Where the sea ice recedes, so does an Alaska way of life (9/25/2019) - With climate change, animals that sustain Native hunters are disappearing, and harmful algae are contaminating waters. This opinion article was written by Gay Sheffield, Alaska Sea Grant marine advisory agent, Vera Trainer, president of the International Society for the Study of Harmful Algae, and Rick Thoman, climate expert at the Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy.

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