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KDLG: Study on Iliamna Lake seal teeth adds to debate on conservation status (5/20/2019) - The elusive seals that reside in Bristol Bay’s Iliamna Lake have long been a mystery. While wildlife managers treat them the same as marine harbor seals, a new Alaska Sea Grant-funded study supports what traditional knowledge has long held – that they are a distinct, freshwater population.
KNOM: Fukushima Radiation Is Present in Bering Sea, Researchers Say — But No Cause for Concern (5/15/2019) - Several years after a Fukushima nuclear power plant was damaged, Gay Sheffield, with Alaska Sea Grant, says St. Lawrence Island residents started sending her water samples.
Bristol Bay Times: Expert offers tips on survival kits for safe adventuring (5/10/2019) - As summer approaches, many might consider venturing into the vast expanses of Bristol Bay. Gabe Dunham, with the Alaska Sea Grant, had some tips on how people can be prepared when they do.
Undercurrent News: California company leads Alaska’s largest seaweed harvest (5/10/2019) - Blue Evolution has been collaborating with the University of Alaska and Alaska Sea Grant on seaweed research aimed at developing cost-effective cultivation methods.
Science Magazine: Chemical records in teeth confirm elusive Alaska Lake seals are one of a kind (5/1/2019) - Hundreds of harbor seals live in Iliamna Lake in Alaska. How the seals first colonized the lake remains a mystery. Research funded by Alaska Sea Grant aims to learn more about these seals to inform conservation efforts in the face of climate change and proposed development.

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