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Nome Nugget: Forget the distribution charts—ask a fisherman (8/9/2019) - NOAA’s Dr. Lyle Britt came to Nome to share with the community his research on impacts of receding sea ice on marine ecosystems as part of the Strait Science series, sponsored by Alaska Sea Grant and the University of Alaska Fairbanks.
Juneau Empire: Tlingit and Haida commissioned a climate change report for Southeast Alaska. Here’s what they found. (8/7/2019) - The Climate Change Adaptation Plan, published in May with help from Alaska Sea Grant and the University of Arizona Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals, is a document showing what’s happening to Southeast Alaska and how the tribes in the region can handle it.
Nome Nugget: Biologists advise to use caution in shellfish consumption (7/26/2019) - Alaska Ocean Observing System, UAF Fairbanks and Alaska Sea Grant sponsored a community workshop on Harmful Algal Blooms—certain poisons coming from certain blooms of algae produced by phytoplankton. The group held a second workshop the next day for healthcare professionals.
APM: Low levels of algal toxins in northern Bering Sea of interest to scientists and residents (7/22/2019) - Julie Matweyou with Alaska Sea Grant in Kodiak said PSP has hindered the seafood industry in Alaska and cost the state money
APM: New Bering Sea management plan to incorporate local and traditional knowledge (7/22/2019) - For the first time, the North Pacific Fishery Management Council will incorporate Traditional Knowledge from local communities into its core management plans for the Bering Sea region. Alaska Sea Grant’s Davin Holen, says Traditional Knowledge can be extrapolated into larger data sets.

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