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Selected stories about Alaska Sea Grant from the media.

Nome Nugget: Forget the distribution charts—ask a fisherman (8/9/2019) - NOAA’s Dr. Lyle Britt came to Nome to share with the community his research on impacts of receding sea ice on marine ecosystems as part of the Strait Science series, sponsored by Alaska Sea Grant and the University of Alaska Fairbanks.
Juneau Empire: Tlingit and Haida commissioned a climate change report for Southeast Alaska. Here’s what they found. (8/7/2019) - The Climate Change Adaptation Plan, published in May with help from Alaska Sea Grant and the University of Arizona Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals, is a document showing what’s happening to Southeast Alaska and how the tribes in the region can handle it.
Arctic Sounder: Bering Sea is feeling the effects of warm winters (8/3/2019) - Communities around the Bering Sea are feeling the effects of recent warm winters. Biologists and others, including Alaska Sea Grant’s Gay Sheffield, are working to understand the long-term consequences.
Nome Nugget: Biologists advise to use caution in shellfish consumption (7/26/2019) - Alaska Ocean Observing System, UAF Fairbanks and Alaska Sea Grant sponsored a community workshop on Harmful Algal Blooms—certain poisons coming from certain blooms of algae produced by phytoplankton. The group held a second workshop the next day for healthcare professionals.
APM: Low levels of algal toxins in northern Bering Sea of interest to scientists and residents (7/22/2019) - Julie Matweyou with Alaska Sea Grant in Kodiak said PSP has hindered the seafood industry in Alaska and cost the state money
APM: New Bering Sea management plan to incorporate local and traditional knowledge (7/22/2019) - For the first time, the North Pacific Fishery Management Council will incorporate Traditional Knowledge from local communities into its core management plans for the Bering Sea region. Alaska Sea Grant’s Davin Holen, says Traditional Knowledge can be extrapolated into larger data sets.
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner: Fungus-based Styrofoam substitute to ship fish (7/19/2019) - A biologist and an engineer based in Anchorage have developed a substitute insulator made with biodegradable mushroom tissue. This week, Alaska Sea Grant was helping to measure the material’s thermal properties at the Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center.
KFSK: As a deadly bat disease spreads, volunteers gather data on Southeast populations (7/11/2019) - Residents in Petersburg and several other Southeast communities, including Alaska Sea Grant’s Marine Advisory agent Sunny Rice, are taking a tally of the region’s suffering bat population.
ADN: Eating shellfish you’ve harvested yourself is risky – and can be deadly (7/6/2019) - In Southeast Alaska this summer, researchers have seen extremely high levels of toxins in mussels and clams, prompting state health officials to warn that harvesting and eating shellfish is risky. Alaska Sea Grant’s Ginny Eckert helps explain what is causing this danger.
KNOM: From krill to whales, marine life is washing up dead in the Bering Strait (7/5/2019) - Throughout the month of June, dead marine life was being reported on a weekly basis in the Bering Strait region, and Alaska Sea Grant’s regional Marine Advisory agent responded.
SitNews: Southeast Alaska tribal council develops climate change plan (6/28/2019) - Plants and animals important for subsistence, cash and culture are at risk, according to a new report from Central Council of Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska. Alaska Sea Grant is one of the organizations that assisted with the report.
KXDF TV: Cordova residents worry about impacts of budget cuts on community (6/17/2019) - In Cordova, residents hope they can maintain their Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program agent.
Cordova Times: Future of MAP in Cordova in jeopardy (6/14/2019) - Cordova’s MAP program is in danger of extinction, and with money being carved away overall, the future of the statewide program could be in jeopardy.
KNOM: Unusual ice seal deaths reported in Western Alaska; NOAA investigating (6/13/2019) - According to Gay Sheffield with Alaska Sea Grant, last month, 12 dead ringed seals were found in Nome alone.
KDLG: Study on Iliamna Lake seal teeth adds to debate on conservation status (5/20/2019) - The elusive seals that reside in Bristol Bay’s Iliamna Lake have long been a mystery. While wildlife managers treat them the same as marine harbor seals, a new Alaska Sea Grant-funded study supports what traditional knowledge has long held – that they are a distinct, freshwater population.
KNOM: Fukushima Radiation Is Present in Bering Sea, Researchers Say — But No Cause for Concern (5/15/2019) - Several years after a Fukushima nuclear power plant was damaged, Gay Sheffield, with Alaska Sea Grant, says St. Lawrence Island residents started sending her water samples.
Bristol Bay Times: Expert offers tips on survival kits for safe adventuring (5/10/2019) - As summer approaches, many might consider venturing into the vast expanses of Bristol Bay. Gabe Dunham, with the Alaska Sea Grant, had some tips on how people can be prepared when they do.
Undercurrent News: California company leads Alaska’s largest seaweed harvest (5/10/2019) - Blue Evolution has been collaborating with the University of Alaska and Alaska Sea Grant on seaweed research aimed at developing cost-effective cultivation methods.
Science Magazine: Chemical records in teeth confirm elusive Alaska Lake seals are one of a kind (5/1/2019) - Hundreds of harbor seals live in Iliamna Lake in Alaska. How the seals first colonized the lake remains a mystery. Research funded by Alaska Sea Grant aims to learn more about these seals to inform conservation efforts in the face of climate change and proposed development.
Alaska Native News: Carbon dioxide sample from Utqiaġvik provides wake-up call on climate (4/18/2019) - Alaska Sea Grant education specialist Marilyn Sigman visited Utqiaġvik to learn how the buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere measured at Hawai‘i’s Mauna Loa volcano over the last six decades compares with the air above Alaska.
KRBD: Whale encounters topic of next Ask UAS presentation (3/21/2019) - Gary Freitag will discuss whales of Southeast Alaska and his work with the Marine Mammal Stranding Network. He and Shellie Tabb give details about the presentation.
Nome Nugget: Slight uptick in Cesium-137 heralds arrival Of Fukushima plume in Northern Bering Sea (3/13/2019) - After the 2011 tsunami that caused the destruction of a nuclear powerplant at Fukushima, Japan, Bering Sea coastal residents anticipated that some radiation would show up in the region. Now it has, but at levels that are well below concern. Alaska Sea Grant hosting Better Process Control class, workshop on oil spill preparedness (2/6/2019) - Looking to continue your education? Alaska Sea Grant has you covered. This month the organization is offering two different events for those in the Anchorage area.
KDLG radio: Dillingham plans improvements to sewage lagoon (1/29/2019) - Alaska Sea Grant and the Bristol Bay Native Association have helped monitor erosion near the lagoon, helping the city take action.
Nome Nugget: Mueter talks fisheries management at Strait Science series (11/29/2018) - Franz Mueter of the University of Alaska Fairbanks talked fisheries management in Nome as part of the Strait Science series, organized by Alaska Sea Grant and the UAF Northwest Campus.
Kodiak Daily Mirror—Quality control: Keeping Alaska seafood safe, fresh (11/20/2018) - Seafood processor workers from throughout the state gathered in Kodiak last week for the five-day class Seafood Processing and Quality Control, facilitated by Alaska Sea Grant and taught by Chris Sannito.
KNOM radio: Rick Thoman Gives a Sea Ice Report (11/2/2018) - Rick Thoman of the UAF Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy gave a special “Strait Science” presentation in Nome on Thursday, part of a series organized by Alaska Sea Grant.
Nome Nugget: Northwest Campus dedication commemorates buildings programs (10/23/2018) - Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory agent Gay Sheffield spoke on the importance of science at the Northwest Campus and the capacity to support research.
Learning from a master smoker (10/13/2018) - The two-day Smoked Seafood School, run by Alaska Sea Grant and the Manufacturing Alaska Extension Partnership, is taught by seafood technology specialist Chris Sannito.
Kodiak Daily Mirror: First-time author set to present book tonight (9/19/2018) - Alaska Sea Grant's Marylin Sigman will be presenting her first book, “Entangled, People and Ecological Change in Kachemak Bay” at the Kodiak Public Library.
Arctic Today: With erosion threatening its shoreline, Utqiagvik’s residents are stepping up as citizen scientists (8/17/2018) - A project in Utqiagvik funded by Alaska Sea Grant is focusing on key areas where infrastructure is vulnerable, and will help local people plan ways to mitigate climate change effects and adapt to new realities.
KMXT: Kodiak tribal groups take stock of popular subsistence resource (8/15/2018) - Shellfish are a popular subsistence food on the island, and groups are surveying the density of the local resource. There’s no regular on-site testing of PSP because shellfish harvest on Kodiak beaches is subsistence, but Alaska Sea Grant is working with NOAA to develop a new instrument for monitoring PSP.
KTUU: Researchers work to pinpoint cause of seabird die-off in Bering Sea (8/13/2018) - Alaska Sea Grant’s Gay Sheffield is part of a group trying to understand why 1,400 seabirds have been found dead around the northern Bering and Chukchi Seas.
KMXT: Graduate student experiments with extending shelf life and safety of cooked crab (7/30/2018) - An Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute and Sea Grant graduate student intern is looking at how to extend the shelf life of cooked Dungeness crab and make it safer to eat.
KTVA: Harvesting Alaska—New research could change seaweed rules (7/30/2018) - A Sea Grant-funded graduate student is seeing if seaweed can be sustainably harvested Cook Inlet.
Eye on the Arctic: Communities wrestle with shark-bite mystery off Alaskan coast (7/24/2018) - Gay Sheffield says that the environmental knowledge of Alaska’s subsistence harvesters goes back for generations, so when they see something and are concerned enough to report it, it’s a big red flag.
Nome Nugget: Scientists study effects of oil spill dispersants on Arctic wildlife (7/19/2018) - Scientists are taking a close look at the effects of chemical dispersants on seabirds.
Nome Nugget: “Public asked to report dead birds.” (6/21/2018) - Gay Sheffield says reports of dead seabirds have escalated.
Nome Nugget: “Birding in Shishmaref.” (6/8/2018) - Gay Sheffield provided info about murre remains.
Nome Nugget: “NOAA administrators visit Nome, explain their work” (5/31/2018) - Gay Sheffield hosted coastal management scientists.
Homer News: “School briefs” (5/16/2018) - Alaska Sea Grant helps Homer school with marine education.
UAA Green and Gold News: “Marilyn Sigman’s ‘Entangled’” (5/7/2018) - Sigman interviewed about her MFA degree and new book.
Nome Nugget: “Nature follows its own break-up calendar.” (4/27/2018) - Interview with Gay Sheffield and others.
KRBD: “Ask UAS looks at the changing ocean.” (4/10/2018) - Gary Freitag discusses ocean health.
Nome Nugget “Nome hosts gathering of scientists.” (4/6/2018) - Gay Sheffield helped organize the conference.
KNOM: “Alaska Native Leaders Imagine Divergent ‘Arctic Futures’.” (4/5/2018) - Gay Sheffield assisted with logistics.
KNOM: “Council Unanimously in Favor of Port Tariffs and Regulations, Despite Debate Over Rate Effects on User.” (3/27/2018) - Gay Sheffield appointed to Nome Port Commission seat F by city council.
KNOM: “Amid Renovations, Nome’s UAF Campus Remains a Crossroads of Regional Interests.” (3/26/2018) - Strait Science and Western Alaska Interdisciplinary Science Conference (both cosponsored by Alaska Sea Grant) are mentioned.
KYUK: “YK Delta Forms Climate Adaptation Plan Based on International Model for Indigenous Communities.” (3/22/2018) - Davin Holen and partners interviewed Bethel residents about climate change effects on Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta.
KNOM Radio runs story “In Nome, State Experts Ponder Responses to Potential Bering Sea Crises.” (2/20/2018) - Gay Sheffield hosted talks on mammal strandings and oil spills.
KTOO runs story “Two Petersburg teams return from ocean science competition in Seward.” (2/20/2018) - Alaska Sea Grant’s Sunny Rice co-coached the teams.
KMXT Radio runs story “Fishermen aspire to enter world of seafood processing.” (2/16/2018) - Fishermen enrolled in Alaska Sea Grant’s seafood processing class in Kodiak
Cordova Times runs story “Future workforce will be smaller, but smarter.” (2/8/2018) - Alaska Sea Grant’s Chris Sannito organized the Pacific Fisheries Technologists conference.
Alaska Sea Grant Funding 6 New Research Projects (1/26/2018) - Alaska Sea Grant Funding 6 New Research Projects  SeafoodNews   Full coverage


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